About us

My name is Matts and I believe....that work should be fun and uplifting, and that we should feel that we are making a positive difference to someone when we go to work every day. I believe that we should focus wholeheartedly on delivering value to our customers, whatever we call them (users, students, patients, clients, or why not just.....customers).

I also believe that we must constantly improve to make ourselves feel better and to deliver even better value, whatever we do. I believe in those who want to drive and have knowledge in improvement work. I want to help you succeed. Together, we can change the world for the better, one business at a time.

That's why I created Clean Stream AB after 20 years of working with improvement in other companies. My idea was to be able to ensure that we give you the very best and most genuine support possible.

Clean Stream AB is a small company working in a large network. In the network, we have the resources to cover everything needed to improve an activity.


We help others with

  • Change management (or improvement management as we call it)
  • Group dynamic development
  • Leadership development, in general but also specifically in processes and projects
  • Business Process Management
  • Technical development of executable processes and IT support
  • Customer experience development (Customer Experience and Service Design)
  • Process mapping and design
  • Introduction of quality standards (ISO)

Our focus is to help organisations increase their well-being by becoming more efficient and delivering greater value to their customers. This also often means lower costs and higher revenues, or a balanced budget where financial resources are used in the best possible way.

As a basis for this work we have several interrelated philosophies, mainly Business Process Management (BPM) and focusing on kaizen, i.e. continuous improvement.

The focus is on what is known in English as Business Excellence, which translates simply as being excellent at what you do.

Based on more than 25 years of experience in developing different methods for implementing improvement work, we have created the Shaper of Business Excellence method. This will ensure that an organisation that is committed to improvement is also sure to achieve the goal of being a better, more enjoyable and financially sound organisation. That is; on the way to achieving Business Excellence.


We work with training and coaching, as well as project managers and experts. Our knowledge, methods and tools have helped a large number of organisations to move step-by-step towards Business Excellence.

Our broad experience from different activities comes in handy when it comes to seeing the big picture and similarities from other perspectives.

We have experience from

  • Municipal activities
    • Social assistance
      • Assistance management
      • Implementation and follow-up of actions
    • Training
      • Applications
      • Planning and implementation
    • Administration such as personnel, finance, political affairs, ...
    • Community Development
      • Strategic development
      • Exploitation
      • Water and sewerage
      • Waste
      • Streets and parks
  • Municipal companies
  • Regional activities in health care
  • Smaller entrepreneurial enterprises
  • Larger service companies
    • Cash and trade
    • Control activities
    • Construction and development
    • ...
  • Larger manufacturing companies
    • Steel
    • Plastic
    • Vehicles
    • ...

With this long and broad knowledge and experience, I am sure that we can also help you to develop and improve, on your way to Business Excellence.

Keep in mind that...
"We are what we repetitively do. Excellence is thus not an activity, it is a habit." - Aristotle

Welcome to contact me and us.

Matts Rehnström
Founder of Clean Stream AB