A Higher Value

A Higher Value!


For a long time, we have wanted to make a difference, more than just helping companies and organisations to evolve towards Business Excellence. We’ve been working on that for a lot of years, but now we have the goal of being able to make a difference for people who don’t have it as good as we do.

In order to be able to look ahead and see that there is a better future ahead, there is a need to help the children of the world to have a good foundation to stand on. If today’s children are given a good foundation, in many forms, to stand on, the future will be better for us all. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. Children need a foundation of education, safety and security, to grow up and live in freedom and with the ability to take good care of their children. Children who in turn have a better foundation than their parents and so on. All in a positive upward spiral, leading to the well-being of the entire population of the Earth.

We are simply incredibly excited and enthusiastic about the projects we are involved in. If you are also interested in the progress of the projects, please follow my newsletter (sign up here) where I write from time to time about new and old projects.

We would also like to point out that we are very grateful for your support. Because by giving us the confidence to help you in your business, you give us the opportunity to engage with your business. As a company, we have a vision to dedicate 10% of our revenue to helping children around the world. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it every day. Hope you want to be part of this commitment!

Projects with the Children’s Fund

Clean Stream has a partnership with the Children’s Fund. As a partner, they allow companies to get directly involved in various projects.

We have involvement in two projects which were completed in the summer and autumn of 2013. One is to build a sanitation facility (toilets and sinks) for a secondary school in Togo.

The second is the electrification of another school, this time in Mali.

Toilets for a secondary school in Togo

The school, which is a secondary school, is located in northern Togo, east of the town of Bafilo. The school is quite large, with 950 students, but they lacked toilets and sinks. This means that the children and teachers are forced to run into the woods behind the school to do their business. Some prefer to run home to do their needs, which means they miss out on parts of the training. 

For girls, this is particularly difficult, as at this age they start to menstruate, and feel that they don’t want to go out in the woods at that time of the month. This means that they stay at home for one week a month and thus miss 25% of the training, and therefore fall behind.

By having this facility, it allows the children to learn better and of course it increases the level of hygiene in the school as well. The girls now have an opportunity to keep up with the boys, as they can participate throughout the training. An important part of lifting the country out of poverty.

Electricity in the classroom in Mali

It is a challenge for the schools that exist to be able to train to the extent that there is a need. Many schools are also used in the evenings to teach children and even adults. Sitting and reading books or looking at the blackboard in dim lighting puts unnecessary strain on their vision. Schools without electricity conduct their lessons with candles or gas lamps. Both do not provide enough light to read for long periods.

By having the possibility to draw electricity into the classrooms, by connecting a solar panel on the roof, there is now the possibility to have a good lighting together with low energy lamps.

We hope that they can now soak up all the knowledge in books and other materials, even when it’s dark outside.Read more about our involvement in this article published by the Swedish Children’s Fund.