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Lead by Purpose

“WHY ARE YOU HERE” the voice said in a thunder like tone, dragging out on every syllable to create that powerful question. The boy stood in front of the stone statue and was terrified. He suddenly felt so much smaller than he was. Then the question started to sink in as he recalled that he actually has an answer to the question.

He poked around with one hand in his pocket, like he was looking for something that could lead to the answer. Then he stopped, as he felt deep inside of him that he did not need help to answer the question asked. He knew it already, he has known it since the start of his journey.

He then cleared his throat and with a steady voice he declared that he was there to find the key. “Well then,” said the powerful voice again, this time much softer and much more humane, “I will help you”.

This typical scene for any exiting fantasy family movie put the spotlight on one very important thing for you in your life and for your business. Why are you here? That question is fundamental. Why do you exist as a person? Why are you put here on this beautiful blue planet? Your personal mining for your purpose is important for you in your life – if you want to develop and become better. If you like status quo and are happy as things are, the question might only appear as meaningless. Well then. If it however appear as disturbing, that means that you have thoughts of something else in mind for you, and you better start to figure it out.

The same goes for you business. Why are you here? What is the purpose with your business? What is the purpose with your part of the business? Are you here just to make money? Are you here to make the days past by? I know that you are not! You and your business exist to give someone an outstanding value. You need to know WHO that one is and you need WHAT value you should exist. If both the WHO and the WHY are answered with a clear answer, then you have a good start of you purpose.

Below you find a link to a very interesting TED talk by Jeremy Heimans where he talks about what new the power looks like. The new power, as he called it, is all built on purpose. Many studies show that people are willing to walk the extra mile, or actually several extra miles, just because they have understand and like the purpose of that they are doing.

This is what is happening in health care, especially in Sweden where the competition between different health care providers are limited, where nurses might find themselves working hard but are not getting the monetary reward they wantand deserve. But they are still working hard, day in and day out, as they have the purpose of healing sick people. They get their reward everyday by the contact with the customer and the knowing of doing good.

People that find that they are a part of something larger than themselves – something that they believe in – will also be more enthusiastic, hard working, and happier. How is it in your organization? Do you have a clear purpose?

Put that thunder like voice in your head, and make sure that you also drag out the syllable to make it both more fun and more powerful: “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Then answer the question together with your team. It will make all the difference in the world.

To you and your organizations success!

The link to Jeremy Heimans TED talk is HERE