See what we do to help others improve their businesses.

We offer training, improvement methodology, coaching and also neatly packaged workshops that give you a well-defined result for a fixed fee.

Let us know on how you want to proceed and we will help you take the next step.


Packaged workshops

You have an idea and you want a result. But, then there's the matter of how long it takes? How much will it cost? Do we have a framework agreement?

There is NOTHING you need to think about. That's exactly why we give you a fixed price to develop and improve your business. Step by step.

You have full control and you only pay for the result, and you know how much it costs before you press the start button.

We work according to the Shaper of Business Excellence method and can offer you workshops at a fixed price, for example to...

Structure, plan and organise your improvement work.
  • You'll get a clear understanding of your improvement needs and a prioritisation of all your needs, resulting in a clear and thorough improvement plan.
Map and understand a given process or part of the business.
  • You will get a description of how your current process works, and doesn't work, and a vision for the future.
Design a vastly improved process that will take you closer to your vision.
  • We plan how development and implementation will take place, and produce decision support for a confident decision on implementation.
  • You get a newly designed process that is much better than your current one.
  • In addition, you will receive a prototype of a dashboard for measurement and monitoring.
  • As well as a prototype of a digitised (executable) process.
    You will also receive an analysis of the benefits of moving from your current process to your new process.
  • As well as a decision-making basis for the development and implementation of your desired new process.
Development and implementation of your new designed process, all according to your wishes until it is implemented in your business.
  • You will receive structured guidance and direction for your work in developing governance and supporting documents.
  • Support for the procurement of a new business system or the adaptation of your existing business system.
  • As well as a prototype of a digitised (executable) process.
    You will also receive an analysis of the benefits of moving from your current process to your new process.
  • Developing and supporting the implementation of system-to-system integrations.
  • Development of a digitised process.
  • Support and implementation of training for employees in the new process.



We have training courses to support you and your employees throughout your improvement work. We train on the Shaper of Business Excellence method, but also on general process theory, project theory, benefit analysis, and project management.

As we have a number of training courses, we have a dedicated page just to describe them in detail.

Read more about our training courses


The Shaper of Business Excellence methodology

The Shaper of Business Excellence methodology supports you and your business through the entire improvement process, from start to finish. It guides you step by step through the five phases of the model.

Without a well-developed methodology that takes into account the whole picture, improvement work becomes much more difficult. This means that people do not speak the same language within the organisation, nor do they see the same results to be achieved. Instead of a unified, controlled and effective improvement effort, it becomes dispersed and difficult to manage.

As a business, you have the opportunity to get licensed to use the method in your work, and you can also train in the method and then certify your employees who will work actively with improvement work.



A business that seeks the consistent and effective way to work on improvements needs a method.

Through Shaper of Business Excellence, you get that approach. By licensing your business to use the method, you gain access to the full power of the method's description and all its templates, procedures, examples, and more. All this via the web interface, which guides your employees intuitively through all the phases and steps of the method.

Licensing is valid for a period of two years for all or part of your business.


Training is available for all phases of the Shaper of Business Excellence methodology. It provides the participant with detailed knowledge of each of the five stages. You will learn how to carry out each step and you will be given examples and templates to support you.

After completing all five phases of training, you can become certified. This gives you the title of Shaper of Business Excellence, which reinforces the proof that you as a participant have assimilated the comprehensive knowledge provided by the entire training package.

Process development

Developing processes

Do you want professional support in developing your processes? Then we'll help you with that. We'll lead and guide you through the entire development process. We adapt our part based on your own ambition to carry out the work with your own staff, perhaps while they are training and certifying.

Together with you, we will determine your needs and how we can best support you. We generally use the Shaper of Business Excellence method as we know that it gives the desired results.


Digitizing processes

To really make an impact of your process development efforts, you need to digitise them. And we're not just talking about having a business system that supports the work of the process, but that you have an executable process that drives the work forward.

An executable process means using technology to guide the entire work through the process, so that all the role-players involved know when to act and what to act on. They also receive the right support in the implementation of each activity in the process.

That's what we do; we build the executable processors, based on the logical ones, so that you get the drive and support you need for implementation.

We can help you acquire a platform for executable processes if you wish, but we also provide a platform for you to get up and running quickly. This can be to test the technology or to ensure that you really get what you want from digitising your processes.

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We all need support from time to time. When it comes to working on improvement, it's important to have both detailed knowledge of the industry you operate in, but also to get ideas about how others have done it and learn from it. The latter is what we can definitely give you. We have experience in over 20 industries for more than 30 years. It provides a great library of what works and what doesn't, and what you should definitely not do.

We usually support roles such as:

  • Heads of Operations
    (different levels, from CEO downwards in the hierarchical structure)
  • Improvement Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Digitalization Manager
  • Quality coordinator or similar.
Helena Broberg, Improvement Manager

"The training gave me the opportunity to see how it all fits together and how to make sense of the whole down to the level of detail. Concrete tools with soft values how to apply to the group, for example.

Matt's ability to tackle any issue where he strips to the core in a systematic way provides clarity as he ties the context together and creates a strong relationship with the group and trust. The training provided the tools to put the customer first."

Anita Håkansson, Quality Coordinator and Activity Designer

"Matts made me understand how things are connected, where the whole shows that one does not exclude the other, but how everything is woven together.

Matts is easy to work with and he is very logical, explaining things in a way that makes sense and is both inspiring and listening. Proof of that is his tremendous ability to bring people along. He makes us think ahead and about the big picture.

Digital training allows me to take the time I want without being controlled. Here, my colleagues and I can conduct the training ourselves and then meet as a group to discuss content and lessons learned.

If you haven't met Matts before, you'll soon find that he is engaging, structured and involving in a positive way. Here you will be swept along to be involved.

The sense of efficiency and solution focus is prominent and you really want to be involved in the training and work."