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Book: Roadmaps and Revelations

Roadmaps and Revelations is a great book on the basics of running a business. It was written by my friend Paul R. Niven. It addresses the issues of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there, and the incredible importance of really describing it all in the business.

Many businesses do not have the necessary foundations in place, such as vision, goals and strategies, to succeed. Others have them, but they are loose, in the sense that they exist but only dutifully. Employees don’t know what they are saying and it is not something that is touched on more than when the work was once done.

The book is written in a pleasant way, following Rory Angus Newman as he travels by car south in California along Highway 101, while he has only a few days to figure out the future basic platform of the company where he is one of the leading figures.

It also does a good job of addressing what so many people are caught up in, the constant balancing act between work and private life.

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