Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement

Let your organisation also benefit from the advantages of developing towards Business Excellence!

Matts Rehnström has a message about how you and your organisation can feel better, have more fun, add value to your customers, while being more efficient and reducing costs. The message is delivered in a relaxed and entertaining style, with a wealth of examples and stories from more than 20 years of experience. Matts is highly regarded for his professional and personal manner.

As a recognized advocate of different approaches to working towards Business Excellence, Matts delivers his innovative, unique and powerful talks to enthusiastic audiences around the world.

Public organisations, such as municipalities, county councils, universities and government agencies, along with companies from a variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, sales, IT and many others, have over the years become inspired and more knowledgeable by listening to Matt’s powerful messages. Matts has the knowledge of how to leverage an organization’s capabilities and also inspire employee participation. He has created a powerful method that helps people and organisations create breakthrough results.

Not only will your audience be inspired and motivated to shape themselves and their business, they will also learn to get so much more out of the energy they bring to the business every day. Matts will provide the tools necessary to meet the challenges, adapt to the changes, create perspective and implement priorities and solve today’s “bottlenecks”. The audience will get invaluable information in each area, to achieve Business Excellence.

Knowledge and inspiration to meet current and future challenges

Topics that Matts touches on in his talks are:

  • checkLedership
  • checkIndividualand business excellence
  • checkBusinessProcess Management
  • checkCustomer service
  • checkQuality thinkingand development
  • checkTime management
  • checkProcess orientation
  • checkProject leadership
  • checkBusiness developmentand management
  • checkEffectiveness
  • checkThe need forconstant development – Kaizen

Presentation format


These lectures are engaging, thought-provoking and high-energy, giving your audience something to think about. Although time is short in this presentation, Matts is fantastic at using illustrative examples, humorous anecdotes and research to get the message across. This will allow participants to carry the chosen key points with them long after the lecture itself is over.

Duration approximately 1-2 hours.

Keynote +

It is a perfect way to extend the usual Keynote lecture, by involving participants through exercises and other activities. This means that you will get even more out of the lecture, even if you don’t have the time to devote to a Workshop. In Keynote +, participants interact with each other and with Matts through the lecture. Through his unique form of humour, anecdotes, theories, research and participants’ low-risk participation, Matts creates an environment of high energy and shared thought that leads to a deeper understanding of the material presented. As this format includes exercises and interaction between participants, this is an ideal format for you if you are able to devote a little more time to the programme.

Duration approximately 2-4 hours.


This half-day to full-day format includes theory, exercises, activities and group experiences in a nice mix. This gives the participants a very good opportunity to understand the content and to be able to engage with it more deeply. This approach is particularly suitable for groups that already work together and know each other. The workshop includes materials in the form of tools, books or booklets depending on the topic.

Duration approximately 4-8 hours.

2- or 3-day courses

A course specifically designed for your needs is ideal for groups within your organisation working in the same field. Participants will raise their level of knowledge in the field in a very good way and will get tools and methods to be able to put these into practice in their daily work, directly after the course. This is the most comprehensive part of the lectures and includes documentation of given models and tools, such as workbooks, books and templates.

Includes 12-18 teaching hours and additional exercises outside the classroom.

Forma Business Excellence Training for Trainers

A 2- to 3-day interactive seminar specially designed to give your trainers the knowledge they need to run various Business Excellence programmes in your business, for new employees, work groups or for a specific group. Matts will work directly with your trainers to set a common basic platform and introduce specific activities and tools. This approach prepares your own trainers to deliver a powerful, inspiring and informative programme.

To reinforce the impact of the chosen programme, we suggest that you include our popular Shaping Business Excellence Tools or a specially developed material, for each participant. Longer-term training with follow-up and feedback is also a suggestion to ensure that your investment in the lecture is long-lasting. This can be delivered on your premises or remotely.

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