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The 3 Most Vital Things That Get Your Designed Processes to Come to Life (BV9)

Here’s a few very important things that you can do to ensure that your newly designed processes will spring into life the way that everyone dreamt about when you designed the process.

And I think that you have experienced that you’ve done work or someone else has done process design work. You’ve gone through a process, you designed it everyone is happy and then it seems like everything stops. It’s like nothing is going to happen with that process. It seems like they run out of stamina.

Many times I think it could be a technical issue. It could be just that the organization is not really ready to take on the next step. I worked with a, with a client today and I got the question from the top manager that had been seeing the huge work that I’ve done to improve their processes. They have designed them, they have come up with a lot of good ideas and then now it’s time to move on and to implement them.

And the question was, “How do we do this in the best way?”

Implement What You Designed

And my first answer is to actually implement a process. You need to take the new process, the new design process and push it into operation so you actually implement what you have designed. Because you can’t just put it on the side, on a server somewhere and think that that will do the trick for the improve or the that they want to improved business that you, that you helped work with. So you need to take the new process and put it into operation. That is the first thing.

Have a Designated Process Leader

The second thing is that when you put that into operation, you need to make sure that you have a process leader that can take care of the process and nurture the process or to own the process to lead the process in an operational way.

Because if that person is leading the process in a way that you designed it, then that you will force people to work according to the design process.

Bonus Tip: Put the Process into a Process Engine

You can also implement the process engine for example, uh, which will help that process leader to ensure that everyone works as the process is designed.

Measure and Follow Up

That is a good one and the third one then is to make sure that you follow up on the process so you find out what, what you do in the process and you measure it and you follow it up and then you can talk to the team. You should have, depending on the process of course, but you could have stand up meetings every day, once a week, biweekly or something like that.

And then you talk about the process and what the performance in the process are so you can see the things that you’ve done in the process so you can measure did we do better this week than last week? And if not, what do we do to improve?

So that’s the things that I told this lady who was the top manager:

  • Make sure that you actually implement it.
  • Take charge of the process with a process leader that leads the process and put it into a process engine if you got one.
  • And if you don’t look into it and make sure that you get a process engine
  • And then measure and follow that process up because then you will continuously be able to improve the process.

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