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Bird, fish or in between?

The concept of bird, fish or in-between is quite clear on the vertical plane. The concept of progress is more on the horizontal plane; either it is going forward or backward.

The word progress comes from the Latin progressus and also progredi. These words mean progress, development and moving forward.

The opposite of progress is regress, which also comes from the Latin regressus, meaning return, and the word regredi, meaning to go back.

So on the one hand we have progress and on the other we have regression.

What do you choose?

Can’t it just be the status quo then, you might think?

I say it is very difficult. The world is in constant motion. Keeping a steady pace through this stormy sea I think is very difficult, if not impossible. There are so many parameters that change all the time.

So overall against this constant change you will either go forward or backward.

Because what doesn’t evolve and get better, stops being good.

What was good yesterday is not automatically good tomorrow. As I said, the world is changing and we need to do it too, for the better.

For a business, the choice is clearly either to develop or to close down. They may take some time to be phased out, but it will come sooner or later, as a result of not actively choosing to develop.

So the choice is quite simple as such, but not only therefore easy to master.

You and your business must develop and improve to stand a chance in an increasingly challenging future.

  • What is your area that you want to improve from now on?
  • What do you want to improve in your business?

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