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How to Prevent Your Implementation to Be Postponed (BV11)

Here’s how you can prevent the implementation of the improved business from being postponed, postponed and postponed.

Fear of Going Live

A common problem that I encounter with the organizations I work with is that some people in the company are afraid of going live. They are the most comfortable in the idea phase, where they are in workshops, coming up with that next big idea or innovation.  But the launch phase is where the rubber meets the road and these innovators aren’t comfortable dealing with the possible challenges that can occur.

The people who are uncomfortable with going live will insist that everything isn’t ready. They will want to wait  another week, another month or something like that.

You Need to Push and Encourage

The important thing here is to for you as a business analyst to set an aggressive time table. It’s vital that you don’t allow their fears to slow down the progression of the business improvements. If you are working with a project manager, the two of you need to present a united front and insist that the company follow the timetable that you originally set. It is better to have a first version live than the perfect version never.

You need to say to these people, “Let’s go live with the first version, then you can always change it. You can always improve it further, but we need the first version.”

That’s my tip for today. Go in and have that aggressive plan and talk to them about it. Then you will need to hold their hand along the way so they feel comfortable with implementing the first version. If you like this video, please share it and leave a comment below.  And let’s go and shape our business to excellence.