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Improvement Starts with You!

Referee, Point, YouAll large and/or complex things in our world (as we know it) contain numerous small parts. An organization contains several sub-units: some are called divisions whilst others are called units or departments. Ultimately within an organisation, there are always numerous individuals involved. A family contains numerous members. A car contains numerous parts. A body contains numerous cells, and so on.

The effect of the performance of the small parts on the larger structure is impressive. If one individual in a family is out of balance, it will affect the rest of the family. If one bolt is damaged on a train carriage it might affect the whole train. If a couple of heat absorbing tiles are missing from a space shuttle, it will jeopardize the return to Earth. If you are not satisfied, engaged, well trained, positive and committed at work, it will affect the rest of the team.

If we want to improve the larger entity; the organization, the car, the system, or something else, we then need to start by improving the individual components.

If we have a racing car that needs to have a higher top speed, faster acceleration, and have better maneuverability or some other such improvement, we need to look at the component parts in order to improve the performance. Maybe it is the brakes that need improving, or the engine that needs a larger supercharger, or the front and rear spoilers that need to be improved. It could be that a lot of things are needed to improve the car in the way that we would want it to be.

Looking into an organization we can see the same configuration, in as much as your organization contains people and machines that produce value for the customers.  If you want an improved value and an improved organization you need to look at the components here as well. Some are technical improvements, like using a new module in an IT-system or a new machine in the production line. The most feasible method of improving  your business is to improve yourself and your colleagues, thus affording the maximum potential for success.

You need to develop to make it possible for your organization and team to improve!

Do not sit around and wait for someone else to find out about this obvious fact. Take action today, not tomorrow! If you take action and improve now, you will lead the way for the rest of the team. Be relentless and committed to performing better today than you did yesterday, as well as next week compared to this current week.

Take a moment before you leave this page and note down three areas in which you want to perform better in within two weeks, which will be when the next Business Excellence Newsletter arrives. Think about each of these three areas and list the things that you need to improve in order to make specific areas better. Place this note on your computer screen, in your wallet, and on your bulletin board to ensure that you see it daily. Read the note when you see it to remind yourself to perform the tasks to improve.

Send the link from this page to some of your colleagues and ask them to do the same, and then watch the effects within your organization. Please e-mail your results. I am always really exited to hear about your results.


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To you and your organization’s excellence.