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Positive Events From Last Year

I have over the years reduced my watching of TV news bulletins and reading the newspaper. I can’t help noticing that they mostly focus on bad things. They convey to me a sense of a world where we have to be scared of each other and a world where we have to be afraid, suspicious, and constantly watchful for things that may harm us.

I have not abandoned the news altogether, but I’m more conscious of when to consume it and for what specific purpose. It cheers me to read articles that focus on good things. I have taken extracts from those articles, added some positive things from other sources and put together a “Positive-event-list”.

I hope that you enjoy it and please, leave your own contribution to these positive events that you may have found or experienced. Please make the list longer.

  1. The finding of the Higgs particle. During the summer at a seminar in Cern, Switzerland, the finding of the so-called Higgs particle was announced. The Higgs-particle promotes our better understanding of the Universe and our World.
  2. The millennium goal for 50% decrease of poverty in the world, set by the IMF, was reached during 2010. The IMF communicated the result in March 2012. It is also a part of the goal, to have clean fresh water for all on Earth - Almost 6.1 billion people—or 89 percent of the world’s population—used safe drinking water in 2010. That beats the 88 percent target for access to safe drinking water in 2015 set by the UN
  3. The United Nation announced that during the year there is equality between boys and girls that start elementary school.
  4. The country of Jordan was declared free of mines during the spring 2012. Jordanian authorities have worked with United Nations in the effort to clear all mines from the country.
  5. There is a decrease in forest devastation in the Amazonas, by 27% last year. The large forest is needed to break down the CO2 emissions.
  6. The disease, Polio that has been devastating in India, is now extinct. India was earlier known for having a large polio epidemic, but is now free from the disease.
  7. Fatal violence in Rio de Janeiro is, during 2012, down by close to 9%, compared to 2011. The level is as low as it was 1991. In New York a goal has also been reached: On 28th of November there were no reports of violent crime. I hope it stays that way and that the decreasing figures in Rio de Janeiro are just the beginning.
  8. NASA succeeded in landing on Mars with the space vehicle “Curiosity”. Curiosity is the heaviest vehicle ever to be landed on Mars.
  9. The United Nations and World Health Organization conducted a massive campaign for polio vaccination of children in 20 countries around Africa. More than 111 million children under the age of five, were vaccinated!


Please feel free to add to the list.

To your Excellence!


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