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Step Back and Learn Something New (BV8)

It is important that you understand that you actually you don’t know it all. You might have seen the cartoon with the guy who comes with a wheelbarrow and he own that wheelbarrow, it has a squared wheel.  And he’s working very, very hard to move bricks or stones or whatever.

And on the side of the road there’s another guy coming with a round wheel. And he talks to the guy, the first one with the wheelbarrow and says, “Hey, can I show you something I think you would gain from having this?”

And the guy with the wheelbarrow say, “No, no, no, sorry, I don’t have time. I have work to do.”

And that is what’s happening to a lot of us in our daily work as well. We have so much to do, so we never stopped and considered how we could improve.

And as business analysts, we’re working with improving businesses and the thing is that many times we never stop and reflect on our own knowledge. We don’t increase our own knowledge in a way that will help us. We’re helping  the organization to improve better, so it’s vital that we step back and we learn something new.

And it could be, I mean, you’re watching this video obviously, so somewhere you have said to yourself that it’s important to listen to and find some sort of inspiration and information from someone else. And, and here I am.  But it’s vital that you also take a course and it could be an online course or it could be a seminar. Go to a conference talking about business analysts stuff or improvement stuff, or business excellence stuff.

It’s vital that you actually take that time and that you’re focusing on improving your skills as well because if you can improve your skills a little further, if you can become a little better, you will have that tenfold back with what you can improve in the business.

Because if you can help the business to improve further, just a couple of percent more than you did before that will have a monetary gain of a huge amount. Obviously, I don’t know because I don’t know your business, but it’s a lot.

So it’s the tipping point that you learn more because if you learn more, you can help more, maybe learn more to earn more as they say. But the earning is more to the organization. And in the end it might come to you as well as  a business analyst because you will be a better seen as a business analyst because you will have superior knowledge to everyone else in the organization about how to Improve your business.

So the message for today is to take your time, step back, look at your businesses and your projects, I would say in your business and reflect on them. Reflect on your own knowledge and make sure that you keep up with the knowledge. Learn more. So please leave a comment like, subscribe. And if you would like to have more material like this, you can go to matts That is matts And let’s go and shape our business to excellence.