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Book: The Future of Management

The Future of Management is one of my absolute favourite books. The book is authored by Gary Hamel who is well known in leadership and organizational development.

Perhaps one of the reasons I like the book is that much of what Gary Hamel describes is so close to my own thoughts on how an organisation should be structured to provide good value to customers, while having fun at work and running a profitable business.

There are several companies that Gary Hamel presents and reviews, which has piqued my interest in reviewing them further. These include Google, Wholefoods Market and Gore, as well as a few others. Those of you who usually listen to my lectures or trainings will recognize these in my material as well.

The ideas and thoughts that these companies have are wonderfully stimulating to read about and how they really manage to be on top of their game with customers, staff and owners. The latter especially because they are always financially successful.

This book is divided into four parts.  In part one the author describes why it is important to develop leadership. The second part explores what this development looks like when applied. Part three looks at what it might look like in the future and what some companies are doing today to get there. The book concludes with part four, which explains more about how to move forward to the better organisation and leadership of the future.

I highly recommend this book. It is a must read for anyone who wants to take a look into the future of leadership.

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