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The Sanitary Facility for the High School is Ready

This weeks Business Excellence blog-post is focused on something out of the ordinary, or maybe not really…

I write, speak and teach about increasing the efficiency in your organization whilst giving an outstanding value to your customers. I also address the fact that it is important to have a happy crew onboard. I have a vision of a better tomorrow where people do a fantastic job and are respected for their skills and also feel fulfilled by their work. I see a future where people do not work as “slaves”  living in poor conditions.

I believe that everybody cannot fit in everywhere, but everybody can fit in somewhere!

I concentrate on giving to that potentially better world of tomorrow through writing and teaching about the subjects that I cover, and also by endowing money to organizations that work with helping children.

Quite simply, my thought is this; if we help children to have a better life now and in the future, we make this world a better place. If we help children to feel safe and get an education, then they will grow up to become adults who in turn can help other children, and so on to achieve a better world.

Like the theory of Kaizen, which I mention often, meaning to always and continuously strive to be better and perform better, the task of creating a better world never ends. Helping children is a way to start a positive spiral that continuously takes the world upwards in a positive direction.

I have been engaged in two projects during 2012 and 2013.

The first one was to electrify a school in Mali. This gives the students the possibility to use the school for  longer periods of the day. It is hard for them to study using only candlelight. It is not good for their eyes and it reduces the hours of teaching. Now they have the possibility to study in electric light after darkness, due to solar panels now installed that generate the energy they need to use electric light bulbs.

The other project, which was finished during the summer, was building a sanitary facility at a High School in Togo. The High School, which has more than 900 students, did not have any sanitary facilities. That was especially stressful for girls who did not feel safe running out in the forest to do their thing. It was even tougher for them during menstruation, which usually commences at this time of their life. Now they have a small sanitary facility that  makes the environment better and consequently  increases the number of girls that attend school.

I hope that you would like to support my cause to help children.

From all the proceeds of; training, web programs and coaching assignments, I take a percentage of the revenue and put it into these or similar programs. My goal is to take 10 % of the revenue.

I have not reached that so far, but I am progressing. 🙂

If you also want to  help these children more directly, I can highly recommend the Child Fund Alliance. I chose them because they offered me a close relationship alongside the possibility of being engaged in my own projects. This feels good and is for me very satisfying.

I hope that you also want to commit yourself to both my cause and the Child Fund Alliance cause!


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To you and your organization’s excellence.