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Which vision for your business is more important, yours or mine?

It was morning and the start of the mastermind meeting that I have been part of for many years. We were all excited to talk to each other and hear how things have gone since the last time we met. There was a lot of exchange between us participants in the group, but also some lectures from some who have gone further than others.

One of these was with a man called Jeff, which is also the one who started the masterpiece. He spoke to us about what could be developed and improved in our businesses. We listened and took notes as he described his past experiences and what has happened in his business in the last six months since we last met.

I particularly remember him saying “I consider it my job to have a bigger vision for your future than even you have, because I know what’s possible“.

It got stuck in my head. I recognize it all.

What I encounter many times in organizations is that they do not understand what things could look like if they really started a comprehensive improvement work.

I see all the possibilities that exist, but as a business, you are both on the one hand not completely familiar with what is possible and on the other hand, you may have knowledge but you doubt whether it can be possible for your own business.

What I see is general, and most likely also applies to your business, is that the business could work much better than it does.

I see:

  1. How you created an overall business structure, which gives you a natural and easy-to-understand picture of how you create value. Which is the very purpose of your existence.
  2. How specific processes are well designed and also digitized if necessary, so that they are fully executable, where people and business systems interact with each other in a smooth and efficient flow. A flow that really gives the people you serve the value they need.
  3. Where manual work is only done when it really adds value and not because you haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities.
  4. Where information flows freely between business systems, without having to manually copy-paste data from one system to another.
  5. How employees have a very clear picture of where and how they should act in the business to create customer value. This gives them unprecedented pleasure in actually working efficiently and getting feedback from the satisfied customers, whatever they are called in your business.
  6. Where these customers feel that they really get exceptional value from their contact with your business. Their satisfaction of having received what they expected and needed makes them spread that joy to others, through various channels. Positive dissemination of this satisfaction gives both a positive image of the organization and a good acknowledgement to your staff that you are doing the right things.
  7. Where business leaders can focus, like the rest of the organization, more on value creation than solving problems that shouldn’t even need to exist, and they don’t now in your business.
  8. How leaders can truly be leaders of the business, and not just managers of a department or similar. This, again, is because the focus is on shared value creation and working together rather than looking after your own department first and foremost.
  9. The sick leave rates for mental health problems based on the work situation are a thing of the past.
  10. Where the financial situation is strong, creating new opportunities.
  11. And so on…

So I don’t feel what Jeff said to me and us in the group that morning. I also see that as my job, to have a bigger vision for you and your business than you and yourselves have. Because I know what is possible.

The possibilities are endless if you want to.

Then we are back to the idea that will is more important than anything else. If you really want to, the rest will work itself out along the way. Many of these issues have already been resolved, so it is ‘just’ a matter of taking one step at a time.

But if you don’t want to, really want to, then nothing will happen. I’m afraid so.

Do you need help? Would it be of interest to meet with the management team of your business, where we can talk about fundamental issues for the success of an improvement initiative and what it could look like for your business? Contact me today.