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Are you letting the problems persist?

A few weeks back in time:

– Can you help me dad? It was my son who asked.

– “Sure,” I said, and consequently asked what he needed help with.

Well, in his apartment, the door to the fridge and freezer was in the wrong direction. It opened to the right and not to the left, as desired. It was very difficult to take out and put in refrigerated goods when you are in the kitchen cooking.

Strange, I thought. Has no one solved this before, but just lived with the problem? In other words, they have stood in the kitchen and cooked, but had to go around the door of the fridge or freezer to take out or put in refrigerated or frozen goods.

Obviously so, because the door is as it is and the fridge-freezer is not new.

I see similar things in businesses that I come into contact with. You have problems that are obvious, but you don’t do anything about them. The problems may be there and interfere with everyday life. Day in and day out. It is as if the problem becomes part of everyday life.

Do you recognize it all? Do you have such problems, which are visible to everyone, but never get solved?

I think there are three main reasons why these problems are not being solved:

Not knowledge

You don’t know how to solve it. You want to, but you don’t know how. In the case of the fridge, you may not even know if it is possible to move a fridge door, let alone how to do it.

Not tools

You don’t have the right tools or methods to solve the problem. Then it becomes difficult to do it, so you don’t even start. In the case of the fridge, you need a good star chisel, pliers and a wrench. All in the right dimension.

No time

You don’t have time to deal with it all. There is so much to be done. You do not see that if you invest some time to solve the problem, you will save a lot of time once the problem no longer exists.

In the case of the fridge, the problem is always encountered when cooking or loading goods after shopping, and there is no time to re-hang the door. Because you and others are hungry and you want to get food in the family quickly because other things are waiting after dinner. Fix the fridge door, we’ll do that another time…if you have the time.

At Clean Stream, we come across all these things over and over again and we have support for you.

We give you the knowledge of how to solve problems in your business through our training courses and our coaching of your improvement leaders and business designers.

The tools you need to solve the problems, we have them in the form of our Shaper of Business Excellence method and a host of digital tools to ensure your efficiency and the creation of an integrated business.

We can give you that time by offering to drive and support your improvement work. We can also help you understand that solving the problem is more worthwhile than continuing to have it. In addition, we can provide support by, for example, conducting a benefit-value analysis that shows the importance of addressing the disruptive problems as soon as possible, because it is profitable to do so.

Do you want to solve your business problems? Of course you do. Don’t let them annoy you day in and day out. Contact me directly on this email and we can meet online to see what we can assist you with.

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